Here to There and Back Again

This past weekend, we were quite busy! We celebrated Elizabeth’s birthday Friday, then went to Shiner for Amy and Adam’s wedding and came back to Houston in time for Scott to clean out the garage and to watch the Superbowl at Mariam’s house. We had lots of fun but the weekend sure did seem short.
family photo 2010
Our Little Princess Sitting Pretty:
Sitting Pretty
Daddy and Avie

Pretty Girly
Using Dawn’s dress as a bed (someone was pooped out):
Dancing to the Music:
Always munching on something:

E and Brian’s Wedding at Amelia Island, FL

Last weekend, we flew out to Florida to celebrate Elizabeth and Brian’s wedding. We left on Friday morning and returned on Sunday. What a blast! We took Avery so we also brought Aunt Hill along to babysit so we could go to all the wedding festivities. The weekend was full of food, drinks, lounging by the pool, and dancing. Avery got her fill of the pool for the season and especially enjoyed chasing the little birdies up and down the beach as they tried to eat the little clams in the sand. She was so funny. Everytime they would fly away, she would throw her hands as to say “Where are they going?” and she would say “W” with the cutest facial expression. Too Funny!
Look who’s headed to the wedding and who’s headed out to the beach:
What is he looking at?

Show Us Your Life: Wedding Dresses

Kelly over at one of my favorite blogs,, has changed up her weekly Show Us Your House to Show Us Your Life. This week features wedding dresses. Scott and my wedding day was one of the most special days of our lives and I love reflecting on that amazing day that sparked the journey that we have and will continue on together for the rest of our lives.

I chose a really simple wedding dress. Since it was a Maui beach wedding, I thought that something simple and classic would be most fitting for what I had envisioned.   My inspiration was from the dress the late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy wore.  Ever since I saw this picture, I knew that’s what I wanted mine to look similar to.   I went to one place, Priscilla of Boston, and walked out with the one.   

Scott still talks about our wedding day and if there was one day he could relive over and over, it would be that one for him.  (and of course, the day Avery was born :))

You may not even recognize me because my hair was so dark.   It was a fun change!   It was so hard to maintain though because my hair is naturally light and it required constant coloring to keep it dark. 

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