Happy Valentine’s Day!

It may not suprise anyone that I LOVE Valentine’s Day!   This week has been extra busy though because I tend to pile way too many projects on my plate at once so I found myself scrambling last night to complete the girls’ Valentine’s for their parties and finalizing gifts for their teachers.

For Avery’s class, I designed a simple Printable which I had planned on sharing until my computer decided to reboot before I had a chance to save it.  Argh!  I think they turned out really cute.  I do want a new inkjet printer though (hint! hint!….Mother’s Day?). Ours is a laser printer and I think the quality just isn’t quite as nice as an ink jet for these types of projects.



For Livy’s Valentine’s, I found a printable through Pinterest that I loved.


The girls’ cute skirts were made by their Aunt Jennifer.   We had a little photo op outside since it was a gorgeous morning to capture their V-day outfits.



Livy’s hair is getting longer:


Colors of February

I am slightly obsessed with pink and red right now. My home is very neutral all the way around so I like to bring in pops of color with the season. Right now, I have red tulips in the kitchen and a little happy place for the girls at their table. Red and pink will also be the colors I’ll be using for Olivia’s birthday party on Saturday since there are so many cute things available this time of year in these colors.

A little love for my girls...

Avery and I made the heart banner together for our Make It Monday project which is one of my goals for the year that I made so we can “craft” together. I had the chalk board custom made out of barn wood and then white washed it myself to get the color I wanted. The table accessories are all from Target. I purchased the bowls and cups as well but they didn’t make it into the picture since they had been used that morning. I couldn’t resist! Target can do that to you.

Witch’s Broom

What a busy weekend! We had planned on having a lazy weekend at home but with the beautiful weather and a rush of energy, we actually packed a lot in. I don’t know why but days that I plan on being lazy days often turn out to be the complete opposite. Our weekend was filled with trips to our favorite Eat Park per Avery, “aka: Central Market”, trying some new recipes like seafood stew, crafting (making kitty cat masks), lots of decorating of shelves which included unpacking loads and loads of books, and trips to random stores to pick up some styling details for my craft room/office space.

We made this (pretzel stick, mozzarella cheese, and chive or celery string:

Witch's Broom Treats

*idea was taken from Pinterest

My first time making seafood stew (Iphone pic isn’t so great with dimmed lighting):

My first time making seafood cioppino stew!

My precious little Livy at Eat Park ;).

Eat park!!

My monkey posing for a photo opp:

Such a monkey!

Poor Livy is sick today! :( I really hope she is feeling better tomorrow. I just want to take all her pain away.

Cute Art Jars

We are back from vacation and while still in a relaxed frame of mind, I decided to take on a craft project I have been wanting to do for a while.  I saw a version of this on pinterest.   I also have been in organization mode so I thought this would fit nicely with my recent organizing frenzy for the girl’s toy closet. Avery can now actually see her art supplies so I hope this will inspire her to want to do more art. This morning she found these canisters on the table and helped herself to the purple paint tube. Luckily we have been reading ‘Olivia the Pig’ so she knows that painting on anything without permission would make a Mommy a teeny upset.


Canisters from Container Store:
Spray Paint (forgot to purchase the white so I used what I had):
Cute Animals from Michaels:

I have to go to the hardware store to pick up some epoxy because apparently super glue, hot glue, Gorilla glue and liquid nail do not work well on metal to plastic. This project was very easy except that one snag.

I love how cute they are and Avery does too :)  I didn’t realize she had so many markers!!   The finished product ended up costing about $15 for each to make with all supplies.  It would have been less if the animals didn’t cost $5 each.   I was picky though and wanted the cute ones.

Spooky Spider

A few days ago, I made this ‘Spooky Spider’ pancake for Avery. It was a spontaneous project so I had to use what I had. I was stumped on what to use for the legs so I improvised with chocolate chips. They were just for decoration. I think it would have been better if I used cut strips of bacon for the legs so she would have been able to eat them. She did grab a few before I took them off. Nonetheless, she loved the pancake and had fun! I’m trying to challenge myself to use more of my creativity so this week has been really successful with quite a few fun projects “created”.

DIY Notebook

I was in Paper Source Saturday with my sisters doing a card-making workshop and picked up a few really cute things to make my own notebooks. I purchased several so once I fill one, I can create a completely unique one next time. I like to keep all my notes in one place because I often go back to reference them so having one book to put all my to-do’s is way better than writing on the back of envelopes, sticky notes, and other pieces of paper that tend to get lost.

Finished Notebook (simple and pretty):

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