Baking Queen

We love to bake goodies around here…sometimes from scratch, sometimes not. It’s one of Avery’s favorite things to do (especially since she gets to eat the batter.) It happens to be my favorite part, too!

She is wearing my t-shirt which she thought was really funny. She took a shower in our bedroom and I didn’t feel like getting her clothes so we improvised…

Fun Finds

I’m on a blogging roll today catching up for the month :) ! I just ran across the cutest website. I love old-fashioned things and this site has it: How cute are those paper doll’s and that bingo? I’m definitely getting those for Avery and Olivia.

It also looks like they have 10% off on the items for little ones. Yay!

Weekend At Home

Weekends at home are few and far between! We spent a quiet weekend at home last weekend just relaxing. It was so nice. I’m the one that usually likes to go places. Scott could stay at home all the time. I like to get out and explore! However, just sitting still for a bit was just what we needed. We took the girls to the park (they have awesome parks here with splashpads and great play areas) and we also took Avery to a very nice yet small waterpark. We also did some swimming at home so it was a water-filled weekend.

I find that when we stay home, I can get some home decorating done. I still have a ways to go but I took a break for a couple of months because it was starting to consume me. Most of my bookshelves are bare so last weekend, I was inspired and have made good progress styling them. Nice hardback books in neutral colors are hard to come by though. Why are so many of them red and black? I have plenty of hardbacks but I’m going to have to cover many of them in linen fabric to achieve the look I’m going for. I’m also going to tea stain outer edges of the pages to make them look old. I love the look of old books. They have so much warmth and character. I purchased some at the Warrenton Antique Show but I need so many so I’m going to improvise. My new pillows came in for our formal living room from Urban Grace so I’m excited because that room is coming together just as I had hoped. The fabric is beautiful!

Hanging out at our friends house down the street:
Playing outside with chalk early in the morning:
I think I had as much fun as Avery did!
Why are they walking from the woods, you ask? We have a dinosaur looking lizard that has made his home basking in the sun on the concrete planters I have parked outside our breakfast area. Bentley constantly growls at the lizard and I haven’t decided what I want to do with the planters yet (they were going to go around the pool but I fear transplanting the globe boxwoods will kill them) so I had Scott catch the lizard. He took him to the forest:
Oliva does NOT like the grass at all. I put her here to snap a few pictures and she acted like the world was ending. I took this picture right before I had to swoop her up:
So we tried another place instead that didn’t involve grass but she wasn’t really having it:
And then she decided she was happy again:
Looking at Daddy for reassurance:

And then we got RAIN!!! It has been raining all week here. We are so thankful for this special gift.

Papa Tractor & Amy Visited

We don’t get to see Scott’s Dad and Amy very often as they live in New Mexico. They surprised us and came down to visit for a couple of days. It was so great to see them! Scott put Papa Tractor to work having him look at our grass, etc. to try to make it the best it can be (Papa Tractor and Amy own sod farms so they know all about this stuff). They have had it so dry in New Mexico and have been fearful of leaving their place for fear of fires. They desperately need rain.


July 4th!

We’ve been so busy having summer fun that I’ve neglected to post for July. For Fourth of July, we went to Nana and Papa’s farm and to Shiner for the annual parade. Avery is a big fan of parades since they throw out candy and not to mention, all of the floats have princesses and fairies on them (girls in sequins gowns). Mom and Dad always cook lots of yummy southern foods when we come down which includes barbeque and homemade ice cream among many other things!

We also got to see Lyla which was a treat. She’s growing so big! Livy and Lylie are going to best friends…I can tell already.

On a side note, this Texas summer has been brutally hot! Almost every day it has been over 100 degrees, usually around 103. We’ve been playing in the pool, at the water parks, and at the splash pad tons to keep cool.

At the parade, she befriended two girls because they were helping here get more candy:
Lyla’s outfit kills me:
Someone is always hungry :) :
My sister, Dawn, and sweet Lyla:
Aunt Hill and Jeff with the girlies:

Lost Pines 2011

Our annual family trip to Lost Pines was a blast! Last year when we went, Livy was a peanut in my tummy and Avery had no idea what a sister really was. We actually found out that we were having a girl on our last trip to Lost Pines. It’s amazing how fast time flies by and how much things change.

Hyatt does an excellent job with this particular resort making it enjoyable for parents and children. Avery especially loves the slide and lazy river. Livy just enjoyed hanging out in Mama’s lap watching all the kiddos play in the water and did get some time in the water, too. She’s very easy going!

Riding the horsy:
Her favorite toy:
What in the world is she picking up?
(funny thing…got my eyebrows waxed the day before which I never ever do and my whole forehead broke out from an allergic reaction to something. I’m never doing that again!)
I can’t remember the dog’s name but he was huge and very friendly. He lives at the resort:

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