Progress Notes

At 13 weeks, Avery appears to be learning all kinds of new and fun things.  She gurgles and coos up a storm and in the last two days has really found her voice.  We lay her on her play mat with a mirror directly above her and she watches herself make these unbelievably loud noises (like screams but not upset noises).  She loves doing it and continues to do it over and over again, each time surprising herself that she can actually make such a noise.   She also loves eating both of her hands and fingers and is very good at grabbing objects and bringing them to her mouth.   She is not a fan of tummy time  (starts whining about 3 minutes into it) but we persevere through at least 5 minutes so she can build up those arm muscles.     Avery continues to be a very happy baby only crying when she is hungry and sometimes when she is tired.     She gives up her smiles pretty easily, especially with her Daddy!!

Baby Blue Eyes

Mommy, Why do you insist on taking so many pictures?

Mommy, Why do you insist on taking so many pictures?

Little Longhorn

Yesterday Hillary came to Houston to help me prepare for Dawn’s bridal shower at our house.  Some of you may not know this, but Hillary is now an official Aggie and will be attending there this fall to finish her teaching degree.  Scott wanted to rub in the Longhorn spirit and decided to dress Avery in her cheerleader uniform so they could try to get Hillary to come back over to the other side ;)   We are very proud of Hillary, even if it does mean she is an Aggie.  Here is some of the footage of Avery showing her Longhorn pride:

Texas Rules!

Texas Rules!


I love this cheerleading outfit!

I love this cheerleading outfit!

Dad, when to I get to go to a game?

Dad, when to I get to go to a game?

Aunt Hill, I still love you!

Aunt Hill, I still love you!

Chunky Monkey

Our little Avery is growing fast.  We took her to the doctor today for her 3 month shots and she weighs 14lbs.  This week has been a big week for her.  Avery has a new nanny (NeeNee is what Avery will know her as because it is much easier to say) and absolutely loves her.  She loves to coo up a storm with NeeNee and gives her lots of big smiles.   Our little chunky monkey is sleeping completely through the night consistently from 7pm to 6am and then back to sleep after feeding until 7 or 7:30am.  We are loving that!

A Book Starts A Revolution

Last April, long before this blog existed, I was flown to Washington D.C to speak in front of a very large group of internet marketers to share my story and experiences.   When asked 6 months prior if I would do it, I immediately said “yes”, not because I wanted to but because I knew if I gave myself too much time to think about it, I would have chickened out and said “no” because it was a large venue and I’m extremely frightened of public speaking.  Anyways, I knew that forcing myself into it was the only way and it opened my eyes to a whole new world.  Not only did I become more comfortable with public speaking after the fact, I also met some very unique and interesting people.  At our speakers dinner, one of the people whom sat at my table right next to me was Tim Ferriss.  He was asking me questions on how to market his new book and he was super excited about his message and I could tell he was very passionate about how he lived.  At that time, his book, “The 4-Hour Work Week” hadn’t hit the book stands yet but it was about to.  I grabbed a copy and knew it would be a hit because not only did I read it in about 2 hours flat, I absolutely loved the concept.  I was on his blog today reading because there is always interesting information there.  I highly recommend to everyone to get a copy of his book.  It is #1 New York Times Best Seller, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller, and #1 BusinessWeek Bestseller.  You can get it at Amazon for $12.   Also, check out the blog here:    You will not be disappointed!   I still feel it is a very smart and potentially life-changing book for those whom take it to heart.  Not to mention, he writing style is very entertaining.

4th of July in Shiner

The past couple of weeks have been super busy!  Balancing work and Baby A has been challenging since she is our #1 priority.  We have found ourselves caring for her during the day and after she goes to sleep at 7pm, we work.   It reminds me of my days of grad school when I went to class and worked during the day and came home to work on my business at night.  We have launched a few more ventures lately so the pressure is on.  Though it takes a lot of commitment, I thoroughly enjoy the challenge. 

For the 4th of July, we went down to Shiner for the Half Moon Holidays.  My parents decided to enter the BBQ cook-off with friends so we had our first annual cook-off as the “Home Brew BBQ Crew”.  I think that is what we were called.  We had T-shirts so we were pretty professional looking ;)   Dad really enjoyed it and so did Avery.  She loves being outside!  We got to see the beautiful fireworks that the Shiner brewery sponsors every year as well.  

We took Avery shopping at the Galleria for her 4th of July outfit.  Here she is at Janie and Jack.

Shopping is rough!

Scott buying her red, white, and blue duds for the 4th at Pumkin Patch (Avery, when you grow up, I want you to remember your daddy shopped for you, too):

Sitting like a big girl:

Snuggles with Papa at the park:

Papa getting ready to cook BBQ for the cook-off and Avery helped by cheering him on:

Pretty girl:

Nana LOVES holding Avery:

Scott and Avery enjoying some quality fishing programs:

Relaxing at Papa and Nana’s:

We love to dance:

Aunt Hill and Avery enjoying the BBQ cook-off:

The Shiner Parade:

Our favorite float…how cute is that:

Hanging out for the 4th of July:

Too precious:

Great Grandma came over to visit before we headed back to Houston:

This is Avery’s favorite time of the day.  She loves splashing around in the water. 

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