Rosemary Beach Vacation

Where do I start?   We had the best time on this trip.   It was a last minute decision to go and sometimes those are the best ones.   We decided to drive with the girls with an overnight stop in New Orleans which added to the adventure.   We stayed in the French Quarter and ate at Mr. B’s Bistro which was fantastic!   The girls loved it just as much as we did.   The next morning we continued on to Rosemary Beach but not before taking a little drive through the Garden District of New Orleans.

From the time we arrived at Rosemary Beach to the time we left, we were in heaven.   The architecture of Rosemary Beach is so charming and the beach, with their sugary sand and pretty emerald water, was my girls’ favorite part of the trip.   I personally fell in love with Alys Beach….talk about a match made in heaven!   The architecture is exactly my taste and it’s all white!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!   I can totally see us retiring there (if my Cabo dreams don’t come a reality).  A girl can dream!   We also visited Seaside which is the cutest little beach town and drove around Watercolor which is equally as cute.   We will definitely be back soon.    Despite the long drive, the girls did awesome (surprisingly) but I think next time we will fly so we can spend more time there rather than two days in the car.

Mr. B’s Bistro in New Orleans:


We spent a lot of time eating on this trip…our favorite thing to do!


This child is SOOOO kissable and I could just squeeze her non-stop:



The Rosemary Beach Post Office:


Hotel in Downtown Rosemary almost complete:


Super cute toy store:



We rode our bikes around quite a bit:




Met some new friends:



The cutest little post office:





Pulling her sister:


I love this wall gallery in Aqua Coastal Sushi:


Potager Gardens

I really want a small, manageable garden and have come across  the potager garden!   Potager gardens (a french term, jardin potager, pronounced (ˈpɒtɪdʒə) or for those of you who didn’t take phonetics in college….my speech-language pathology education at work here, pot-u-djey)  are small kitchen gardens planted for year-round produce and often designed to be ornamental and symmetrical.      This sounds right up my alley!

However, with that in mind, I always have a hard time making decisions because the perfectionist in me takes over.   Should I do a raised garden or an in-the-ground garden with a stone border?   I personally think the in-the-ground garden would look much better but the raised garden is so much easier.


I plan on doing the four squares like this but with a large urn planter in the middle of the four squares to anchor them:

Pinned Image



Below is a little more the layout I want with the large urn planter in the middle:

Pinned Image


And this dream garden features exactly how I would like my borders to look with the stone borders and in-ground garden.   I absolutely adore this look!   I have to balance beauty with function though so I will have to see what it is going to take to dig these gardens out of limestone.

Pinned Image


This potager garden is pure eye candy:

Pinned Image



Dreaming of Rosemary Beach

As parents of two little munchkins, it’s hard to be last minute travelers like we used to be. I remember the days when we would literally jet off on a whim deciding literally two to three days in advance that we wanted to go somewhere. While those days are long gone, I still love being spontaneous and our passion for traveling hasn’t faded one bit. I’ve been thinking of all the places we could go on a VERY short notice with the girls and came up with Rosemary Beach, Florida. After a little research last night, I found that pretty much everything is booked in both Alys Beach (OMG, I was dying over the beautiful homes and architecture here) and Rosemary Beach (which is where I ideally wanted to stay for all the great things I’ve heard about this place). Last year around this time, we stayed at Cinnamon Shore in Port Aransas which happens to be much closer but was developed by the same developer, although on a much smaller scale. I am beyond excited because I found an awesome place just perfect for us that just so happened to have availability for the exact dates we were looking for after wanting to pull out my hair seeing that everything was booked through the summer. I’m so excited I could just jump out of my chair! I think it was meant to be.

I might just want to stay there!

Olivia is 2!

The weekend before last, we celebrated my baby’s 2nd birthday at home with family.  I can’t believe 2 years ago this amazing little girl was born. Her entrance into this world was a bit scary and brings back floods of emotion, but it wasn’t long until she was home with us. I’m so thankful to be her Mommy every single day and I just adore her. Livy’s personality is so funny, witty, and just pure sunshine. I’m inspired by her beautiful heart and genuinely happy nature! Livy also shares this special birthday with her Auntie Dawn so we celebrated Dawn’s birthday in the evening by going to dinner at Perla’s.     

 The weather was a little bit dreary outside so our original plans for our outside venue were changed so we could stay warm and dry. Being that our venue changed, it was a really simple party with no bells and whistles. It ended up being such a special celebration with loved ones!

I made the banner for the cake the night before the party:

That messy face cracks me up (just ate a hamburger):
Lyla blowing out Dawn’s birthday candles:
One happy, messy, and full birthday girl:
Livy received a matching dress to Lyla’s for her birthday so she immediately had to put it on. They love giving each other hugs:
Reading her birthday card:
Such a cute picture of Colten and Amy:

My Favorite Room In Our Home – His Study

One of my favorite, if not my very favorite, rooms in our home to hang out in is Scott’s study/office.   My lacking photography skills and lack of a wide angle lens, etc don’t give this space justice.  He has the best natural light from the large windows on both sides of the space (not pictured) and the colors are quite soothing.  When he is out seeing customers (like today, as you can tell I had a chance to snap his office sans scattered papers), I often use this space.       I think the reason I love this space so much is because of what it took for me to get it like I had envisioned it from convincing my client (Scott) that stained wood built-ins would be too heavy for this space because of the wood floors and stained beams to designing the built-ins, stripping them of details as they were putting the cabinets in because my vision didn’t quite work and then redesigning again and winging it with the trim guys after the cabinet makers left.  It was quite the ordeal and in the end, it has the masculine details I was looking for while still fitting with the rest of our home.   I chose tone on tone warm gray for the walls and trim because I didn’t want the color palette to compete with the views from his windows.  Most importantly, I love this room because Scott is really happy with it which means a lot to me since he trusted my choices and let me run with it.

He definitely needs a new office chair. It just doesn’t fit the space and one wheel just broke off from rolling it over the jute rug over and over this past week.  I’m thinking a cool vintage brown leather one would be awesome with the gray, but unfortunately they are mucho dinero.  For now, he will have to do with buying a new set of wheels ;).   If anyone knows of a cool rolling vintage leather office chair for a deal, I’m all ears.   The shelf and desk styling is a work in progress.    Styling shelves is always really intimidating to me!   I wish I had more time to go antiquing.   I always look forward to my trips to Marburger Farms  and the Warrenton Antique Fair and hope to find new treasures this coming April to add for more character.

DSC_0059 copy



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